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New songs posted.

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Time gives the gift of prospective.

I’m writing, are you listening?
Posted prospective selections for the new ep on a new Soundcloud to avoid confusion while creating more apparently. 
You can hear my newest tunes (2013) on
Share, Love, Listen if you wish, 
But most importantly, be Inspirational…

And to you Miss Penny Lane, thanks for reminding me where to dig that inspiration up from, you rekindled a fire like you will never know. 

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Look Inside that’s where you’ll find us.

Sometimes I write music about friends who have no idea the song is about them…
Sometimes your more inspiration than you think.

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I wrote a song on a Piano,
Not sure if it’s good or if it’s stolen.

Did you know I played Flute for years?
Yeah, that’s on the track too. 

Now I need a film to couple it with…


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Oh how it feels

What is left

to talk about.


Found some magic in that old top hat

redressed it up and balanced it out.


new song on the prowl:

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I write, and long for sleep.
When I can sleep, I dream of writing, and wake up unable.


Maybe writing is not the problem…

Maybe objectivity is.

I have a collection of sounds, Seven including a Cover, which will go on rotation tomorrow.

If I can stand them In a week, an EP might be coming soon…


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Happily, On Grinds the Wheel



Did I speak too soon, my words scattering frightened triumph into the wind?

Barring yourself to such quick conclusions without a second glance, that’s not you.
Question everything, you said.
Procrastinate and avoid, I walk past closed door twice.
Decide that there’s not an option, that effort must be applied to conclude if light shines on. Darkness has swallowed the room before, sucking every minute detail into it’s growing shadows, but not this time.
Procrastinate more, watch mindless entertainment on the box.
Life is short, but waste is not enjoying it.
Adjust the atmosphere, turn up the heat, prepare yourself.
Be comfortable.
Gather up your voice, don’t push away all the sounds, they’re overwhelming at times falling like thousands of tracks on a single mix. Feel them, let them sing to you. Let the music run its course, let the right track choose your ear, sing it with your fingers from your soul. The melody will ring out clear.
Tug my jacket over my head, it’s 30 outside and the windows sweat. Adjust the heat again.
Plug in cords, like wiring veins, patterns and colors all running to arteries of sound.
Pull up the blinds, halfway, the light pours into this room.
Lights flicker on, red and green, beautiful.
Pop and click, adjust my chair.
Headphones on, stepping into another world where sound can crush you.
My fingers graze my pants, the scratch echo’s like a stadium on the walls of the inside of my head.

Did I find something here, a heart awoken from hibernation?
Do words pour from lips unsealed, authored by feelings forgotten,
escaping without examination or restriction?
Where have you been?

Names that only meant something in a place at a time,
Shared moments that are bigger than self,
I will never forget.
All the while you feared the story was already told,
afraid you fit perfectly in to perceptions mold,
I always knew you were strong enough to escape your own doubts,
I sold my self heartbreak in your name sake.

Yes I have stories to tell with harmonies to sell,
praying inspiration does dwell.

Now this story is rolling down a hill like a rock headed for shore,
tumbling more and more, it’s path unsure, but on its path it will endure until it’s course has run.
Yes, this inspiration has been fun.

And I’m still not sorry I let you in,
to score this story, I got you pinned.

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